Utility Construction

We provide our services to exceed your expectations. Our seasoned professionals are experts in utility installations, making sure every job is done with quality, cost and time in mind. Not only are we committed to always improving the standards in our own company, but we are committed to changing the standards in our industry. By combining our service, knowledge and experience, we will most certainly add a new measurable value to your next project.

ADandC Management specializes in all forms of large-scale water transportation, drainage, and liquid waste management projects that utilize:

Detention Basins
Reinforced Concrete Pipe
Box Culverts Channels
Heavy and Light Concrete Structures
Clay Pipe Steel Pipe
Ductile Iron Pipe
Plastic Pipe
Utility Trenching
Conduit Construction
Utility Vaults Substructures
Electric Line Extensions
Telecommunication Infrastructure
Gas Systems
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